Who Is Mom and Pop Culture?


My love for toys and everything pop culture didn’t develop overnight. Let’s go back a bit, about 40 years, to see where it all began. 


I am a child of the 80’s. Growing up, I was exposed to all of the exciting toys, cartoons and tv and movie properties that were spawned in that decade (and lucky for me I had parents who spoiled me - thanks Mom and Dad!).


From all the action figure lines to video games to trading cards to comic books, I was hooked. I remember running home from the bus stop to catch the latest after school cartoons. I looked forward to going food shopping with my parents because that meant getting a comic at the end for good behavior. I would save my allowance to buy the latest G.I.Joe from Toys R Us.


Then, when I turned 13, I got a job at the local comic shop. I worked there for 15 years and loved it!  Now, a few decades later, with my wife and kids by my side, I’ve started my own online collectibles store - Mom and Pop Culture!


Come along with us as we travel into that magical, mystical land of nostalgia. 



My PEZ collection circa early 2000's